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Summer  Nights  2022


JUNE 13 – JULY 22

$75 per one class selection/6 sessions

$250 UNLIMITED Summer Nights (One Student)

$350 UNLIMITED Summer Nights (Family) No Other Discounts Valid


I Can Dance! Introductory dance class appropriate for ages 3 to 4. Focused on social-emotional learning, shared time and space, age-appropriate motor skills, coordination and basic dance vocabulary.

TuTus and Tennis Shoes:  Introductory dance class appropriate for ages 4 to 7. Focused on beginning ballet, creative movement, and rhythm skills for coordination and creativity!

Tumbling Tartan Tykes: Introductory dance and fitness class appropriate for ages 4 to 7. Focused on  Scottish Highland Dance basics and acrobatic skills for fun, fitness, strength and stamina. Pairs nicely with TuTus and Tennis Shoes.

Stage Struck: Picture yourself in the spotlight performing to pop tunes, movie hits and Broadway showstopper tunes! Ages 7 to 12

CenterStage: Explore iconic solo material from concert dance, movie musicals and the Broadway stage.

Ages 12 and up

Variations I: Bring characters to life from the famous ballets by learning the storyline, the characters and a short variation. Ages 7 to 12 (must be enrolled in Elementary or Jr. Ballet)

Variations II: Challenge yourself to learn classical variations from ballets old and new! Ages 12 and up (must be enrolled in Int/Adv Ballet)

Mindful Mondays: Stretch to be fit. Stretch to be free. Designed for older teens and adults who are looking for self-care opportunities through guided stretching and relaxation

Tap Anyone?: Keystone material and basics whether new to dance, looking to maintain physical agility or returning to dance after injury or hiatus.  Designed for teen to adult movers.

Kick Up Yer Kilt: Grab your Ghillies! (or sneakers) and join in the Highland fun! Designed for adults of any experience level. Highland dance from basics to backsteps!

Elementary/Jr. Ballet: Ballet class for ages 7 to 12 with prior experience.

Int/Adv Ballet: Ballet class for ages 12 and up with prior experience

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