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CDPA 2022- 2023 Session

Classes Start August 15th

We are excited to invite New-to-CDPA students to join
our dance family for the 2022-23 season.

CDPA’s Framework for Dance Education includes Foundations level class, Progressive Curriculum tracks and Recreational classes. Our approach to dance education supports the cross-disciplinary study of dance in support of the whole child, integrate academic enrichment and uses dance as a therapeutic tool to support the social-emotional learning losses of the COVID-19 experience and restore a sense of self-confidence and community bonds! We continue to follow COVID-sensitive protocols as needed and may revert back to temporary mask usage to limit exposure to communal sicknesses that typically interrupt activities!


Our classes are Dance-Focused Integrated Arts Experiences, using Dance in a variety of genres, to spark the students’ creative impulses to develop ideas, choreograph, design, direct, write and produce action-based movement expressions, performance art and dance. In addition to dance technique, the areas of art, music, creative writing, arts-integrated academics, functional kinesiology, health and nutrition may be incorporated into our weekly classes. The progressive curriculum at CDPA, designed and detailed nearly 28 years ago embraces these concepts in order to apply emerging best practices. 

We will begin our 2022-2023 dance season on August 15th

Our schedule now provides enrichment classes and recreational students looking for

just a one or two class schedule. 

Watch for open house dates and times or contact Director Kathryn Austin directly at to schedule a phone call or meeting time. 

This year we will begin our return to our established dress code. Please make sure you get your dancewear from GEARED TO DANCE! There are several reasons…

1) LOYALTY: It is the same business so your purchases through Geared to Dance help to keep the business stable and support increases in overhead.

2) DISCOUNTS: You get a discount, easy returns and special orders.

3) CONSISTENCY: It keeps our studio “look” consistent and professional!


Always be in leotard, tights and have your proper shoes for class. Hair must ALWAYS be secured. This is an essential protective hygienic measure. Boys need to investigate a headband/sweatband of some sort to absorb sweat and every needs to have separate bags for your shoes. I suggest drawstring bags you can toss in the wash.

•  CLICK HERE to register 


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