RECITAL 2021 - Video

Iconic Dances of Broadway

2021 Showcase Iconic Dances of Bradway performed by the Centre for Dance & the Performing Arts under the direction of nationally-recognized dance educator  Dr. Kathryn Austin.



All of our 2021 Showcase performances have been uploaded as private links to YouTube, they will not be discoverable by anyone in the public and links will not be able to be shared. Once you purchase a performance, your email will be added to the approved viewers list and you will have access to the video forever. You will not be able to send this link along, as it is linked to your personal YouTube account. You may purchase shows individually for $20/ $25 OR purchase all 3 shows in a bundle for $50. Please provide the email address of the Youtube account that you would like to have access.


Our Show C video is edited formatting of the shows at the Garden Theatre into one selection that has the best of the three shows. Unfortunately, our Saturday evening show did not record completely and you will find little content from that production. 

Please allow 24 - up to 72 hours. If you do not receive your link, email

Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy revisiting these wonderful performances.