April 01, 2019




 - TICKETS On Sale April 10th

   Show A or B, $15

   Show C, $15


 -  DVDs

    $20 per show


 -  On Sale April 10th


    Flowers with a surprise gift!

     $20 each bouquet 




 -  If you need extra  RECITAL TIGHTS!!

     Adult size…$13    Child size….$11


 - Tuition Reminder:  April Tuition is Due 

    Don’t forget June is the 11th month and the full tuition amount is due before the recital.


April 01, 2019

What is Picture Day?

This is the day we have our long-time CDPA photographer Whit come to the studio and take group pictures of each class as well as individual shots of the dancers in their recital costumes.  You are given an envelope with assorted picture packages to choose from.  Payment in the form of cash, check or credit card is required at the time of the pictures. 


We usually have pictures back within 2 weeks.  Whit has taken pictures for us for over 15 years and we are happy with his work.  In a future email, web and social media accounts, you will see a detailed picture Day schedule. Correct color of tights and shoes should be worn for the picture, however; hair can be your preference except for Show C.  If you do not wish to purchase pictures please come anyway to be included in the group class picture to help document CDPA history. 

April 01, 2019

Costumes for Showcase 2019 have been ordered 

Costumes for Showcase 2019 have been ordered & the costume pictures are in notebooks in the lobby, as well in our Instagram  account @dancecdpa . 

Note the color and type indicated for tights and shoes.  If the information is not there keep checking as teachers make their decisions.  How the hair will be worn is decided by teachers much closer to recital.



At this time your Costume Balance is Due 

Costumes paid in full will be sent home starting April 10th.


What happens next. Classes try them on for any major sizing issues.  Loose straps and long pant length are not considered sizing issues.  These items are easily fixed with simple tacking and hemming by the parent.  

April 01, 2019

The Weeks Ahead


Attendance is so important now as we prepare for the performance.  Please have your child to class ON TIME so that your child will have the best opportunity to know the dance and feel confident about performing on stage. Make the studio rehearsal a PRIORITY -- this is when your child will see how the dance they have been working on fits into the whole show!


When you talk about the recital speak in a positive tone and encourage your child about the experience. Please do not "plant" ideas of being scared or nervous in their minds! Let them put a message in the program for their teacher or friend and order flowers too. This makes the whole experience “make sense” to them and they will understand why it special to get flowers at recital time and how special words in the program can make you feel good about your performance day!


Try the costume on but do not allow PLAY TIME in the costume. Make sure all of the pieces and parts are sewn as needed and the costume fits properly. Be sure to have fresh, new tights and clean shoes ready to go.  Practice hair AND make up!  That can be a fun Friday night mom (dad’s too or grandmas or sisters) and daughter thing to do! We will keep the hair pieces or ribbons until picture day, retrieve them and then show time. The hair pieces will go home with you of course. This just prevents them from being left at home or lost. Any items for costume changes sent with your child should be kept in a clear bag and hung over the neck of their hanger. Use a sharpie to write your child’s name on the bag and also on the tag inside the costume.


Make arrangements for transportation. Do not allow yourself to get in a bind and create havoc or frustration that can ultimately spoil your child's experience. Think ahead-Plan ahead! Make the rehearsal and performance a priority. Even if it means taking time off of work or arranging for someone else to pick up a sibling. Always remember too that if we can help, we will…so let us know! We have parents and children coming from a variety of schools on these days and we will do our best to help you arrange carpool assistance if needed.


Studio Rehearsals are very important. DO NOT WEAR YOUR COSTUME to studio rehearsal. This is when the students will find out the order of the show and meet all of the staff and personnel that they will see back stage. They will also practice their bows and review performance etiquette.


(we want your child to feel as though the performance is FRESH for their audience)


Dress Rehearsal is MANDATORY! We must have this time with your child to get them familiar with the "big stage," the lighting cues, entrances and exits. PARENTS WILL DROP OFF CHILDREN AT THE STAGE DOOR (just like famous folks!). We have plenty of capable and well-seasoned staff and ensemble parents who help the children backstage.


Your PARENTAL assignment is this:


Remain Calm--Be patient-- Arrive on Time

You are in charge of Feeding, Dressing, Smiling, Loving, Hugging, Clapping, Taking pictures, Enjoying and BEING PROUD…


April 01, 2019

Which Show is my Dancer in?

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