All summer classes will be organized to accommodate the prescribed CDC guidelines for the health and safety of faculty, families and students. Classes are scheduled to allow for ample sanitation and hygienic practices upon entry and following classes. All students must exit the premises in between classes for sanitizing and re-enter if they have another class. Drop off times will be specific. Please do not arrive early or pick up late. In the event of an emergency or oversight, please text Dr. K immediately. Please follow all guidelines present on the website, Facebook group, emails, etc. The Summer session will be contained to the month of July.


Each class will be comprised of 8 class meetings. In other words, each class meets twice per week for four weeks. The curriculum is progressive meaning they will have a learning outcome and one class will build upon the other. Drop-in students are not included in this platform and will only be allowed on a case-by-case basis. This summer schedule is designed for our current and former CDPA students. Though we are excited to welcome new faces to CDPA, we are committed to giving first choice and opportunity to our current client-base which will also support an easiness in knowing the family groups with whom your child is dancing.


There are options for online, onsite and hybrid studies this summer. This model will also serve as our default model in the future if we experience similar circumstances. All fees take in to account the services provided, supplemental materials, time and materials for proper sanitation and a nominal cushion fund for future scenarios like we have recently experienced.

Due to the limitations on registrations and class size, all students must register for the specific class they wish to take. We may not be able to accommodate requests to change classes and no refunds will be processed. Once you secure a spot with your payment you become part of the budget; if you cancel your attendance, we cannot guarantee a student to fill your spot. If there is a wait list for that class, we may be able to configure an adjustment if a wait listed student takes over that spot.


For the purpose of understanding these options, a concurrent class indicates that the ZOOM option is available with a class already on the schedule. There will be a login to the onsite class. Unlike ZOOM only classes, there will not be the opportunity for as much individual assessment and correction in this setting. For more individualized training, please contact our director for information on online private coaching from any of our staff.

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July 6th - July 31st

from 3:30 pm

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