Welcome to the   CDPA 2019-20  Dance Year!

VISION 20/20

Thank you for your patience as we work through shifting our registration and billing options to an easier and more convenient platform. We are excited to continue moving forward to improve client convenience and online administration so that our energy can be more appropriately focused on our students' in class and performance work. 


When you register online, you will select your classes and an invoice will be generated thru the system or you will see some manual adjustment later on from our office and emailed to you. You will always have the option to input your payment information through the system. Please note: Your receipt of payment may have the corporate name of Three Cousins Plus, Inc. or CDPA/Centre for Dance & the Performing Arts. These are the SAME entities.  This platform can NOT be used for purchases at Geared to Dance. 


• Please choose the classes you want to register this year ( please make your selections all at once) and complete the form requested, you will be asked to set your own password for the parent portal. It is here you will find your information, classes, invoices and any special announments. 

• The parent portal will be available for you to use at anytime and will provide you with updated information about classes, performances and other topics.

Please refer to the fees chart for an ESTIMATE of your class fees. Some students may have a loyalty discount on file which will be entered manually. 

•  CLICK HERE to register 


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