Fall 2020 Programming Model

Classes Start August 10th

In the wake of COVID-19, we are not advertising openings for new students at this time. Please contact our director for information. We plan to open  for new students by October.

Safe-at-Dance Programming Plans

COVID-19 has unveiled opportunities to unpack and discover creative ways to address and clarify real needs for our children, their families and our community. We are excited to offer a course of action plan that parallels and supplements educational needs and social-emotional gaps presented by our post-COVID reality. Dance is more than steps! At CDPA it will be one of the best steps to success for our students as we recognize gaps and respond to the needs of whole-child development that may become lost in other aspects of our COVID-19 prescribed conditions.

CDPA’s Framework for Dance Education in a post-COVID reality will implement

LEARNING CORPS as a way to

  • limit exposure

  • support cross-disciplinary study of dance as it leads to the growth of the dancer and the learner

  • integrate academic enrichment

  • use dance as a therapeutic tool to support the social-emotional learning losses of the COVID-19 options for learning.


Our classes will be Dance-Focused Integrated Arts Experiences, using Dance in a variety of genres, to spark the students’ creative impulses to develop ideas, choreograph, design, direct, write and produce action-based movement expressions, performance art and dance. In addition to dance technique, the areas of art, music, creative writing, arts-integrated academics, functional kinesiology, health and nutrition will be incorporated into our weekly classes. The progressive curriculum at CDPA, designed and detailed nearly 25 years ago is presently being incorporated into an outline that will embrace these concepts in order to apply emerging best practices. I am continually identifying how to put these measures into place so that our response to safe-at-dance learning practices is embedded in the curriculum and not a burden to the student and parent.


Every student at CDPA will get a range of dance education practices and experiences. All students will be exposed to all forms of dance in the progression of their age and development. In your Learning Corps you will study ballet, jazz, tap, musical theatre, and modern in a fluid format whereby the focus may change but the overall concepts of body works in terms of science and art will be practiced. There will be opportunities for genre-specific enhancements (other add-on classes) which may happen onsite or online. Please note that at any time, we may have to return to fully online delivery of our CDPA classes. Part of our commitment to the students and parents is that we will be incorporating the development of self-driven tactics for success and ways to practice as a way of supporting the student and the parent during these shifts. For our fall term I am putting PIVOT WEEKS into the schedule for the purpose of allowing deep cleaning of the dance spaces, rest from the chaos of class preparation and transportation, protocols and procedures, and keeping online learning skills in dance at our fingertips.


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