SCHEDULE & tuition

In the wake of COVID-19, we are not advertising openings for new students at this time. Please contact our director or information. We open for one for new students by October.



Foundations I: PreK (1hr/wk)
Foundations II: Kindergarten/1st (1hr/wk)
Level I: Grade 2/3 (2hr/wk)
Level II: Grades 4/5 (2hr/wk)
Level III/IV: Grade 6&up (2hr/wk)

* class time to be decided

** By Audition Only

CDPA 2020 - 2021 Schedule


Garden Kids: Ages 7-9 (2nd hr/wk)
Apprentice Company (by audition 4hr/wk)
Junior Company (by audition 6hr/wk)
Senior Company (by audition 6hr/wk)
Scottish Highland*

CDPA Class Fees

Base rate:  $56 per month per class x 11 months

(multiply $56 x # of hours and apply percentage discount from chart below.

Round DOWN to the nearest dollar for monthly fee)

1 hr class = No Discount

2 hr to 3.5 = 10% off total

4 hr to 6.5 hr = 15% off total

7 hr to 12 hr = 20% off total

12hr and up = 25% off total

Loyalty/Family Discounts: Case by Case


LATE FEE by 5th of month

LATE FEE is $25

For Information on Private Lessons, Studio Rentals and Events/Parties, Email Director.

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