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On My Toes with CDPA 

Print and color at least one of these to keep handy as you NAME BADGE for roll call when you attend any of our online LIVE classes or ZOOM ROOMS!

Pretty on Pointe!

Print, color and add designs of any kind to these beautiful pointe shoes! Then post your creation on our FB page.

Find the TOPIC post and upload THERE as a REPLY. Feel free to add sparkles, words, use colored pens--this can be a mixed media piece!


Color this picture and have your mom or dad record you telling your teachers and friends what YOU, LOVE about dance!! We want to hear from you! Upload your recording to the FB page as a REPLY to the TOPIC POST under CDPA Coloring Station!

Jump Up to Practice

How many jumps can you do without stopping and without losing your turnout? Remember keep your DIAMOND shape!!

  1. Color your page!

  2. See how many jumps you can do! 

  3. Write your highest number of jumps on the paper and take a picture

  4. Post your picture with your coloring page and # of jumps on our CDPA Covid-19 Care and Connect FB post under CDPA Coloring Station


Color your picture and fill the words!

Post a video of you saying your finished poem! You can even make it a DANCE!!

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