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Scottish Highland Dance


Congratulations to these SE Reps to the ScotDanceUSA Championships July 2022

CDPA Scottish Highland Dancers are an integral part of the CDPA Family. Students study the traditional highland and national dances of Scotland, for both competition and recreational purposes but always within the context of the importance of the cultural inheritance of ancient values. These award-winning dancers compete along the Eastern seaboard and have traveled to Canada and Scotland. For over 25 years, CDPA has had regional winners and representatives at the ScotDanceUSA Championships (formerly USIR).

Scottish Highland Dance teaches strength of body, mind, and character through the physical and mental challenges of working towards specific goals that are demanding of excellence, perseverance, and resilience. Students and their families enjoy travel and performance regularly and build life-long friendships while making achievements that will support their college and career goals. To find out more contact CDPA Director Kathryn Austin for information or to schedule an observation or drop-in class! You can also see our dancers frequently performing at local events such as the Central Florida Scottish Highland Games, the St. Andrews Society Ceilidh in the Park, and Mount Dora's Plaid in the Park events. Email for more information. 

Classes are offered by competition level: Tumbling Tartan Tykes, New Beginner, Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, and Premier. Our instructors are BATD certified and active in local, regional and national leadership. Private instruction is available for individuals or small groups.

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