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2023-24 SCHEDULE & tuition

CDPA’s Framework for Dance Education includes progressive, curricular-based training and recreational classes for ages 2 to adult.  We support the cross-disciplinary study of dance in support of the whole-child experience and align our classes with the National Standards for Dance Education. Our instructional design supports academic enrichment, creative process and social-emotional learning practices.

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2023 - 2024 Current Schedule

(These classes began in the Fall of 2023 and will continue as scheduled through June of 2024)

Creative Movement (CM) =age 3/4

Creative Movement/Tap (CM/Tap) =age 4/5

PreBallet/Tap (PB/Tap) =age 5/6

Ballet/Tap (B/Tap) =age 6/7

Level I=ages 7 to 10

Level II=ages 9 to 14

Level III/IV=ages 11 and up

Tumbling Tartan Tykes=ages 4 to 7

CheerDance=ages 5 to 12

Jazz/Acro=ages 7 to 12

SH = Scottish Highland

*Ask about placement


Back to the Barre.  Adult Wheel,

Alignment & Conditioning

CDPA Class Fees

The CDPA Fee Schedule beginning in the Fall of 2023 will be as follows:

Foundations Level Classes and Adult Classes:  $55 per month

Level I and above/Recreational Classes:

$65 per month for one hour class/$97.50 for 1.5 hr class/$130 for 2 hr class

A multi-class/family discount of 10% will be applied to the total students' tuition. Unlimited rates are not included as the unlimited already represents a substantial discount. Loyalty discounts will continue for those families eligible.

UNLIMITED PROGRAM (Non-Scottish Competitors)

Unlimited Single Student: $325 per month

Unlimited Second Family Member: $300 per month*

Unlimited Third or More Family Members: $275 per month*

UNLIMITED PROGRAM (Scottish Competitors)

Unlimited Single Student: $395 per month

Unlimited Second Family Member: $350 per month*

Unlimited Third or More Family Members: $300 per month*

*as long as the oldest student is still enrolled. When the oldest graduates, the second moves to the first, and so on. 

What is the difference between Progressive Curriculum, Learning Corps, and Recreational tracks?

In the wake of COVID-19, CDPA modified programming to accommodate student and family needs for safety and for restorative practices in socialization following modification at the height of COVID restrictions. Our students who continued their studies during COVID reported high satisfaction with the Learning Corps approach and that option remained in place until the 2023-24 season. We are returning to our former Progressive Curriculum track. Many families need their students to be able to ease back into a dance schedule, or just start dance later in life, or are unsure of how dance fits in their life right now. This is where our recreational classes should fit the bill!


Are we able to mix and match?

Yes, you absolutely can and SHOULD. If dance is your primary extracurricular activity but you are not ready for or do not want the commitment of the CDPA Performing Ensemble, you should take your appropriate level classes and then consider other classes that enhance your training. To make the right choice for your training, look for Open House dates and times or email director, Kathryn Austin directly at Director Email so that we can talk through your needs!


Do you have to be a certain age to take more than one class?

Absolutely not. Think about it like this: Does your child only play on the playground or swim one day or one hour a week? Consider your child’s energy level and usual engagement time in outdoor or play-related activities. That will give you a good gauge for your child’s benefit in multiple class engagement. Remember dance hits all of the development markers in our children and serves as a physical, emotional, and intellectual access point to cognitive and affective learning goals while providing therapeutic elements innate and embedded in the experience.


What do I do while my child is at dance?

The sky is the limit!! Enjoy one on one time with your other children. Go for coffee with a friend. Start a trail walking or biking group. Start a small group Bible Study or Reading Club. Go and enjoy downtown Winter Garden! You will be able to be back in the lobby in the Fall if all stays on track, but…why???? Let’s focus on parent time and energy too and get more “bang for your bucks” by taking time for YOU while your child is growing and learning in the safety of our CDPA dance family!



Remember that CDPA remains small by choice so that I can give

personal attention to each of our families. I am always available to you via text or email.

Contact me directly @ 321 960 5916 or

Want to be part of the CDPA Family? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by email (preferred) or via our Social Media channels.

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