The Centre for Dance & Performing Arts
The Centre for Dance & the Performing Arts is founded on its owner's dedication and commitment to the artistic, scientific, intellectual, and entertainment value of arts education, specifically through Dance. At CDPA, we feel it is essential to combine the tradition, discipline, and creativity of dance studies, with the delight and intrigue of performance. We are committed to the physical and mental education of the body, the proper and efficient approach to movement; which challenges, but does not exceed the physical limitations of the individual. At CDPA, we believe in the study of dance and the performing arts as an essential element in the education and development of children and young adults.

  "As a Registered Dance Educator, I believe in a teaching style that encourages the students' broadest possible understanding of their chosen discipline. Regardless of age or level, I adhere to a curricular format which follows the National Standards and allows for each student to Create, Perform and Respond. I fully recognize and encourage an individual's gifts that are expressed through talents outside of the field and guide them in integrating life experiences, natural gifts, and technically mastered skills with hopes, dreams and aspirations. I teach to the individual. I have faith that the product is inherent in the realization of the individual's approach to process and it is valued first by the individual's personal and artistic growth and second, by those most touched by that student's performance or leadership. A teacher's role in dance is to balance the integrity of the art form, including its history, its current state and its future, with the integrity of the individual and the self-expression necessary to make true contributions to both the art form and the individual's personal growth. "


                                                                                 Kathryn White Austin, Director





Our wonderful staff is a blend of experienced professionals and dancers, that share their love and knowledge of dance to our studio and community.

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