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CDPA Operations Policies


Registration is typically held in July and August for the dance year and a separate registration is held in May/June for Summer Dance. There is a NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee of $25.00 due at the time of registration to hold the class spot and offset the administrative costs of processing that student. This includes our TuTu Twos (222s) students.


Class Fees

Class fees are due the first DAY, not CLASS, of each month. After the 5th of the month, a late fee will be added. A $30.00 fee will be charged for any returned payments. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please call the office. We do not want to deny any child an opportunity to dance if a viable solution is available. Discounts are built into the current fee schedule. All tuition payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. Private lessons and Ensemble fees are not included in any discount program. Class fees are based on 4-week months. Class fees DO NOT include dancewear, shoes, costume costs, costume accessories, damage charges, recital fees or recital tickets. These are additional costs to the parent. See current fee schedule for details. Any written checks should be made payable to: CDPA


Missed Classes and Refunds

There are NO PRO-RATED FEES for classes missed. There will be NO REFUNDS for classes missed. Tuition payments are NON-REFUNDABLE . Once you register for the year and have reserved your place in a class, you are obligated to see through the financial commitment of the full term unless proper withdrawal procedures have been followed. If a teacher cancels a class for an emergency, then the class will be made up at a later date or the student may attend another class on the schedule as a make-up class.



The Director of CDPA should be notified immediately if a child must withdraw from a class. Until such time, the space will be held for the student and the charges invoked to the parents. Any fees in arrears will also be assessed. A payment schedule may be arranged for families with financial hardship. Once a student has quit twice in the middle of a semester for reasons other than illness or hardship, the parents should not consider returning to CDPA. It is not conducive with our philosophy to participate when quitting is becoming a habit. We recommend the parents' stern commitment to completion. If it becomes evident that a student will not be returning to CDPA after a break or for the coming dance year, we ask that out of respect to the director that information be provided directly to Ms Kathryn prior to becoming public discussion amongst students and parents.


No Food or Drink

No food is allowed inside the studio (unless cleared with Mrs. Kathryn). Not only is this a cleaning problem, but the smells of some foods can irritate fellow students or distract a child who is very hungry. Drinks in containers that cannot be closed to avoid spilling are not allowed in the studio. There are to be no soft drinks in the studio! WATER IS THE PREFERRED BEVERAGE FOR DANCE. Any damages caused by ignorance of this policy are the responsibility of the child and that child's parents.


Limit Discussion

Questions and discussions are encouraged. But unnecessary talking is prohibited as well as loud or obnoxious talking or screaming. Discussion that involves topics outside of dance should be limited and rude comments to fellow classmates will result in removal from class. As a matter of tradition and respect, students will address their teacher as Miss _________ (ie.Miss Kathryn)


Complete the Class

Class will be dismissed by the teacher. If class started late, it may run late. If a student needs to be excused for any reason during class, they must ask the permission of the teacher. No child will be released from class on their own accord. For early dismissal, the parent must make arrangements prior and come to the door to retrieve the child. This is a matter of safety.


Outside of Class

Proper respect for the director, staff, studio, curriculum, fellow students and facility is EXPECTED of all CDPA students, parents, and siblings, on or off-site. When participating in a CDPA event, performance, out-of-town excursion, or when wearing the CDPA logo, general deportment and behavior is as important as your ability to dance! Parents needing to speak to the CDPA staff should call and leave a message and the best time to return the call.


Rewards & Reprimands

Foundations students are generally rewarded for good behavior and participation with a sticker or hand stamp at the end of class. These rewards are not GIVEN, they must be EARNED. Yes, even a 3 year old can understand this process! Older students may receive a reprimand slip home if they are in dress code violation or can not maintain self-control. These are FRIENDLY reminders of our expectations and a GENTLE way of letting the parents know what is going on!

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