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It’s Showtime Winter Garden Theatre
Friday, June 3rd, @7pm
Saturday, June 5th, @3pm

It’s Showtime Winter Garden Theatre
Saturday, June 4th, @3pm

It’s Showtime Winter Garden Theatre
Saturday, June 4th, @7pm
Sunday, June 5th, @7pm

STUDIO REHEARSAL gives your child a chance to meet the other students, teachers and the volunteers that will be helping backstage. It also allows them to learn the order of the show! Space is very tight so parents are not invited to watch. Please prepare for a quick drop off with only the items your child absolutely needs and a quick pick up. If you have questions, we ask that you email them or send a question to the BAND associated with your class or show!

DRESS REHEARSAL gives your child a chance to practice everything as it will be on the day of the show! That means costumes, proper tights and shoes, hair and makeup in performance best! It’s an important day so plan ahead! We suggest a fun “PRACTICE NIGHT” or “MIDDAY SPA” at home for hair and makeup!


Show A is geared to our Level I/II students but is not limited to those classes.

Show B is our Foundations students but not limited to those classes.

Show C is our upper-level students and special features. Your child/children may be in more than one show!

LOCATION This year we are at

The Garden Theatre

Please take a drive and get your bearings for parking and so that you can explain to family. You will also want to scout out the easiest before or after recital refreshments, dinner, picture spots and other celebrations!


Wednesday MAY 18: SHOW C (5-9pm)

Thursday MAY 19: SHOWS A&B (5-9pm)


at the Studio.


We host our commercial picture day with VIP Photography. Watch for more specific times to be posted the first week of May. Mask policies and instructions will also be available at that time. A posed studio shot is a beautiful record of your child’s recital performance. AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANT is the group shot: A photo that keeps the memory of who was in the class that year, what the costume looked like and how cute everyone is when they are not worrying about recital performance! We also usually have professional candid photographer at dress rehearsal and the performance. Those photos will be made available to you as well!



We are not looking to “break your bank” and video companies do not trust there will be a profit on recitals again because of the economy. We have the show taped (not edited) in a wide shot format and copies or links made available for a low price. Please look for details about viewing options for your child’s performance to be distributed closer to showtime. Special arrangements will be made so do not plan to bring your camera and video tape from your seat…that will NOT be “part of the plan” as a courtesy to everyone.


Due to COVID-restrictions we only have seating for awardees. Certificates of Completion and Recital Photos will be distributed at rehearsals leading up to your show!

WEDNESDAY, May 25th at the Garden Theatre

6:30-8:00 Awards Presentations

Donation to Silent Angel Fund Encourage


Please support both your dancer and the tradition of presenting performers with flowers by making sure that you PRE PURCHASE a special “Broadway Bouquet” for your special star! This is proper performance etiquette and every stage performer expects to be recognized in this manner by his or her “Admiring fans (That’s you!)” Place your orders ahead of showtime through our CDPA Performing Ensemble and your flowers will be waiting for you at the theatre as a SURPRISE for your dancer. You may pick them up in the lobby that day!


Tickets will be available in May. Tickets are $15 for ALL SHOWS, per show. There are no child, student or senior discounts. We can not offer any complimentary tickets as our costs to secure the theatre are SET overhead as are the fees of the lighting, sound and crew.

Garden Theatre tickets are assigned seating in family groups, limited and purchased through their website. Watch for specific ticket information concerning release of seats and limits of sales.


Please drop off and pick up at front of building. No Rear Hallway Access except for dismissal if needed. We will be using the kitchen area for our ensemble costume change practice so please bathroom before arriving and do not send food or drinks. At the front of Studio you will also find a table for information!


IN GENERAL PLEASE do not drop your child off BEFORE their designated time as we will not be ready for them!

NO FOOD OR DRINK in the Studio, Backstage or ANY TIME you are IN COSTUME! HAIR & MAKE-UP notes will be given closer to performance dates! AND MAKE A NOTE that you may not wear your costume to another show! We want those gorgeous costumes to be a beautiful surprise to our audience members! Thank you!



All protocols necessary for the comfort of the most in need or at risk will be our minimum. CDPA has been and will continue to be proactive in the fight against COVID transmission. Dancers will follow masking and hygiene protocols as well as physical distancing as appropriate and physical disDANCING when able

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