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 The Centre for Dance & the Performing Arts is founded on its owner's dedication and commitment to the artistic, scientific, intellectual, and entertainment value of arts education, specifically through Dance. At CDPA, we feel it is essential to combine the tradition, discipline, and creativity of dance studies, with the delight and intrigue of performance. We are committed to the physical and mental education of the body, the proper and efficient approach to movement; which challenges, but does not exceed the physical limitations of the individual. At CDPA, we believe in the study of dance and the performing arts as an essential element in the education and development of children and young adults.

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Traditional CDPA programming suspended at this time. See modified fall 2020 programming.
• Creative Movement
• Creative Movement/Tap 


• Ballet/Tap

• Acrobatics 



  From age 7 or 8, class times need to be lengthened to provide ample time for all necessary skills and experiences. Age assignments should be used only as a guideline. Placement may vary by necessity, skill level or other factors at the discretion of the Director and the teacher assigned to the class.


• Classical Ballet

• Jazz and Tap  

• Modern/Choreography  

• Scottish Highland




 Any student coming to dance later in life or returning to dance after a significant absence should consider our teen level classes or the classes below. Additionally if dance is not the primary extra-curricular focus of the student then we strongly suggest teen level classes or the classes below for overall continuity for all involved.


• Jazz/Acrobatics and Acrobatics

• Hip Hop

• Cheer Dance


"As a Registered Dance Educator, I believe in a teaching style that encourages the students' broadest possible understanding of their chosen discipline. Regardless of age or level, I adhere to a curricular format which follows the National Standards and allows for each student to Create, Perform and Respond. I fully recognize and encourage an individual's gifts that are expressed through talents outside of the field and guide them in integrating life experiences, natural gifts, and technically mastered skills with hopes, dreams and aspirations. I teach to the individual. I have faith that the product is inherent in the realization of the individual's approach to process and it is valued first by the individual's personal and artistic growth and second, by those most touched by that student's performance or leadership. A teacher's role in dance is to balance the integrity of the art form, including its history, its current state and its future, with the integrity of the individual and the self-expression necessary to make true contributions to both the art form and the individual's personal growth." 
"An experienced teaching staff with a wide-variety of experiences combined with a youthful presence of young teachers, student teachers, and teacher assistants gives CDPA the right balance for meeting the individual needs of our student population."
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CDPA does encourage attendance at professional festivals and master classes and has taken students to the Florida Dance Festival, Pensacola Junior College Dance Workshop, FDF On Tour, FDEO Conference, daCi Conference, BATD North American conference and other clinics and workshops locally and throughout the state......
The CDPA Performing Ensemble is the premier performance group affiliated with CDPA and at the heart of the CDPA family......
 The CDPA Scottish Highland Dancers are an integral part of the CDPA Family. Students study the traditional highland and national dances of Scotland, for both competition and recreational purposes...... 
In His Name...We Dance! was the vision and creation of Director. Kathryn Austin within the early years of the studio's performance history. Austin envisioned a "Contemporary Journey through the Christmas Story in Music and Dance" as a way to bring the community together in the reverence of the Christmas season......






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