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What a WONDER-full Recital!

We had an amazing run of shows at the Garden Theatre June 3rd through 5th as we danced our way through Alice's adventures in Wonderland. It was so nice to have all of our shows back in one facility, a place we truly call "home" in our community. Thank you to the staff and volunteers at the Garden Theatre for always making our showtime a success! We enjoyed five shows over three days with great enthusiasm from our dancers, families, and audience friends! Our senior graduates, Emelia Brzakala (Cheshire Cat), Hayley Cordua (Alice), Stevie Gardner (White Rabbit), and Sarah Leon (Queen of Hearts) gave beautiful performances alongside their very accomplished peers. It was a showcase of technique and talent but moreover, palpable growth and change! After all, that is what a trip down the rabbit hole will get you!

At CDPA, we make the year-end production part of our learning journey for the entire year. Embedded and woven into our classes are the over-arching concepts of our theme which guide us through the parallel learning of literature and music styles, comparative arts and politics, geography, psychology, and more. It is a key element of our programming to explore dance as an art form that interfaces with a child's growth and development physically, mentally, emotionally, and intellectually. We feel it is important to involve the students in the production elements and creativity that go into creating a show and allow them to take ownership of their success. We love our CDPA dance family and are proud of each and every student who took the stage last weekend! So glad we've not lost our "muchness!" Summer classes begin June 13th. Won't you join the dance?


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