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All the Christmas decorations are put away and the house is clean...

Grabbed your attention! Definitely not the case at my house! Not at all. I have actually slept a bit, visited with family, and ignored most responsibilities. It was warranted after the strangely stressful fall. What made it "all right" was watching our CDPA dancers prepare for their open classes and our Ensemble for In His Name...We Dance. I am very proud of our students and thankful for the parents who make dance possible for their children. We continue to see growth in skills and performance energy and look forward to our June showcase. As we ease back into classes, starting this Monday, January 3rd, you will begin receiving information on costume orders, dates and details, and so on. It is always a whirlwind and in the blink of an eye, we are on stage again! In the meantime, enjoy a few photos from our December performances featuring our seniors, Emelia Brzakala (Gabriel and Vocals), Hayley Cordua (Mary and Mary's Spirit), Stevie Gardner (Mary and Mary's Spirit), Sarah Leon (Mary), We delivered six beautiful shows and there are literally hundreds of pictures. We are thankful for the captures by Ansa du Toit and feel blessed that she shares her photographic talents with our studio and families. I am especially thankful for Ellen Brown for her stage management from the CDPA side which creates a smooth transition into our performance spaces and alumni for giving of their time and their hearts to return to dance, I Believe. Jessica Williams provides organization and safety in tracking our dancers as they enter and leave our rehearsals and performances and worked with injured dancer, Natasha du Toit to support her in producing outstanding digital programs for our performances. As we celebrate the New Year ahead, we can confidently step forward with the grace and blessings of 2021! Thank you to everyone who makes CDPA a home away from home and a family to believe in!


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