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Some Facts About CDPA

Centre for Dance & the Performing Arts is a dance education facility where the art of dance is taught in several of its forms. Dance is a supervised activity and CDPA has a hand-picked by Dr K well-trained staff of teachers.

The smaller studio has a closed door that defines the space and eliminates distractions for the little ones. CDPA has always and will forever teach to the child, it's a key element to Dr K's success with training students to be "dancers for life", famous or not.

The larger studio has an open doorway which invites observation from young dancers wanting to see....what's next. AND that is strongly encouraged but we do ask that they not go past the carpet area and not stand or sit on the studio dance floor. It is important that the students who are taking class can dance "full out" and not be worried about kicking little ones. The open door is not necessarily for hovering parents as that is a distraction to your child, other children and the teacher. Behavior concerns… no worries our teachers have it! As a show of respect it is important dancers not leave during class to go into the lobby without letting the teacher know their intentions.

The open doorway also means if you are too loud in the lobby the class and teacher can hear you and can be a distraction to the dancers especially if they keep turning their head to see you because they hear your voice.

Respect the Space is a term used in the dance world to define how as dancers and guests we regard the physical studio. CDPA is a place of learning and a place of fun, friendship and valuable life lessons. It's NOT a playground and we don't run, we dance. We don't jump on the furniture we leap across the dance floor as the teacher instructs us to. We want the lobby to be a comfortable place of waiting for everyone. You can count on new library books each week which invite you to enjoy a book with your child or get the daily required reading out of the way.

Another key element of Dr K's success is establishing expectations. All of her teachers are trained that way. Setting expectations promote good habits, good behavior and no surprises when you don't get a sticker because you didn't participate in class.

We do the same for parents by publishing this newsletter and sending emails. If you read your newsletter you won't miss angel auditions, forget to pay your costume deposit or not know when we are closed for a holidayJ

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