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Well, that was a fast year!

There is no way to catch us up on a full year at CDPA. We simply do so much that it would be impossible. But we can pick it up at our Showcase 2023 recital and come forward. Kickin It: Old Skool was a fun-filled, feel-good, frenzy of 1970s and 80s hits that barely scratched the surface of the breadth of works of the talented and prolific musical artists of the times. We loved diving in though and I think we all had a blast!

Many thanks again to the talented Ansa du Toit for capturing some of our best moments!

And visit the Showcase page on the website to secure your access link to the recordings of our shows!! A huge shout-out to Ellen Brown for editing our recital videos!

A huge thanks to all of our CDPA dance families for having your dancers so organized and ready to perform. It is such a pleasure to see them each take the stage with confidence and enthusiasm. These are life lessons that we must not take for granted. Yes, it is about the steps and the choreography, but it is so much more, and here at CDPA we value the personal growth of each of our students. I also want to thank our adult class dancers for all of their work backstage and for being fun and fabulous on stage and off!! It makes my heart smile to see your friendships growing in dance as much as the children :)

As we move into our 2023-24 season, I invite you to revisit your 1990s playlist! CDPA opened in August of 1990, and this year we will REWIND. REPLAY. REBOOT. by looking at how we repurpose and reconfigure the resources we already have at our fingertips! You will see throwback CDPA dances from the first years which will directly correlate in many instances with artists like Madonna, Janet, Prince, a wealth of boy bands, and more! We will also explore our responsibilities to our planet and see if we can be more mindful of our tendency to create waste. Our CDPA Performing Ensemble will be kicking off that theme at our Back2Dance Workshop this weekend. We will be watching WALL E and making some artworks from found objects! "One man's trash is another man's treasure!!"

I am wishing everyone a wonderful week back at school and assure you that we are super excited to be BACK @ DANCE on August 14th! Please share our Facebook and Instagram posts with friends and share our website for more information!


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