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Out of the Vortex

Since my last post, we have had a whirlwind of a month! We returned to the studio to prepare for our performance outcomes, we storyboarded and filmed dance footage to create video content for our Showcase opener, "Happily Ever After," and for some of our Show C concept works. We held a recital performance at The Crossings for our Level I and II students as well as some of our Ensemble pieces and Miss Anna's solo. We spent a day filming Show C dances at the Garden Theatre and we turned our very own studio into a Red Carpet Venue for our Foundations students. It has been an adventure!!

That special day of celebrating our dancers and the important men in their lives moved right into Scottish Camp! Our Lads and Lassies had a great week learning about the Declaration of Arbroath, working on theory, learning the Sailor's Hornpipe and, of course, building the finest Castles! The last week in June was our Princess Camp which include collaborative experience for the court attendants and daily practice of all the Princess-y "Rules!" We even had a special Princess friend to be able to attend via ZOOM all the way from Haiti, Princess Naomi! She is five and lives in Cap Haitian! We enjoyed making nature bracelets and spending time with our friends!

Here we are on the eve of Summer Classes and sadly, our camps did not "make." This does not bode well for the future of our studio. Summer evening classes have been modified to accommodate decreased enrollment and we need to encourage continued dance studies for the month of July! Please check out our modified schedule and consider signing up today or tomorrow! We have a TuTus and Tennis Shoes class starting tomorrow at 3:30 and it meets Mon/Wed for the month of July. Limited classes are availble but we need to fill them!

As we look toward the fall, note that no schedule is out because I have not had communication with my school and our students have not decided what they are doing in the fall. This is critical information that informs my decisions about class size and contact amongst students. I thank you for your patience. Please check your email for ZOOM invites for open forums for parents to discuss our response, outcomes and help plan for the future of CDPA!! Please join me this week to talk about how the new dance year will best serve our community of dancers and families!

Dr K


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