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Whether you are returning or new, or we have seen you all summer or missed you all the same...we are glad you are back and we are glad to be headed back into a normal routine! It wouldn't be CDPA if there wasn't some sort of news to share, right? So maybe by now you have heard that in a whirlwind of happenstance (or more likely, God's grace), I ended up taking a position as the full-time ballet instructor for grades 6-12 at Osceola County School of the Arts! I am pleased for the opportunity, excited to share my love of dance with a new group of young people and glad to be able to continue to grow and develop as a dance educator in another venue. What does this mean to you and your child?

Well if you take a 4pm class, you are gonna miss me (I will get out at 4 and have a 35 min drive). So all the "cool kids" are going to take their 4pm class AND sign up for something Dr K is teaching in the evening or start planning for Princess Camp next summer!! Actually, all of our students are in great hands with the fabulous and accomplished teachers and student teachers we proudly boast at CDPA!! I am excited to bring FOUR student teachers on board this year (they were announced at Awards night). Cami Amein, Kaitlin Brosonski, Hannah Foster and Jordan Green. These dancers are Juniors or Seniors in high school and have trained in assisting roles or leadership roles at CDPA throughout their time here. Additionally they have shown exceptional understanding of the curriculum, vocabulary and creative performance design worthy of sharing with our "next generation" of CDPA dancers. We will enjoy the time we have remaining with Cheyanne who will soon leave for AMDA in NYC and we will try to hoard up Mis Megan for the fall before she becomes MRS Grace in February.

We are always pleased to have Mrs Claire Brown, Miss Brittni Dell, Mrs Eva De Luigi, Mrs Jessica MacGregor, Mrs. Katie Brugal, Mrs Lisa Backovsky and Mr Terry Bagwell. With Mrs Kim at the helm to make it all work smoothly...we are not only going to be OK, we will be BETTER than EVER! So there were some schedule changes and I thank you for working with us through that so that we could use everyone's best talents to the benefit of our students. You can always make changes to your schedule or additions so do not hesitate to communicate your needs.

I am ALWAYS available via email - and I truly mean...ALWAYS so email me whatever you need to. CDPA is about individualized client/student relationships Reach out as needed! Our recital them this year is iDance -- so think technology, think social media, think "me, myself and I" -- think inside AND outside the box and be ready for a great year of learning, growing, changing and DANCING with joy! Thank you for being the amazing families and parents and kids that you are! #BacktoDance@CDPA With love, Dr. K

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