Sometimes You Just Need a Treat!

I love lemon. Lemonheads were my favorite candy as a child (until Snickers took over) and if I could, I’d eat yummy, custardy lemon squares every day of the week (minus the eggs, lol). Well, apparently I’ve waxed poetic on this topic before because somehow Mrs. Kim knew all about it.

Last month, for my birthday, she tucked a “vegan lemon squares” recipe into one of her crafty, creative cards for me. Result - I instantly wanted Lemon Squares! Unfortunately, mypantry didn’t have all the ingredients needed so I rummaged through a few more recipe options to see if one of them was accommodating. No luck.

Have I mentioned… I did NOT want to go to the market!

Luckily I DID have lemons and a few other basics, so here is what I came up with. They were delish. Even my husband and son were more than happy with these lemony delights J Thanks for spurring my creativity Mrs. Kim!

Mrs. Kim’s Inspired Lemon Squares