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This year the theme for Showcase 2017 is..


The edgy comedian Louis C. K. does a bit about the impatience of people that complain because boarding an airplane took an extra 20 minutes or because they waited on the tarm

minutes. He says to them, "Oh really, what happened next? Did you fly through the air, incredibly like a bird! Did you partake in the miracle of human flight? "

We take so much for granted.

This recently started season of the reality show, Survivor finds Millennials against Gen X. And the differences are already coming through. If you've seen the show you know the first day is about making shelter, it's so important and it has to get done. Millennials with their “ready to wear” can’t be without a cell phone technological ideology decided to take a break and didn't finish their shelter. Guess what, it rained that night.

I myself am a baby boomer and the older I get the more I think about where things come from. The other day I was just marveling over the fact that a cotton puff picked in a field can become the clothes on my back. And who makes all that stuff at the dollar store?

I consider one of the most relevant to dancers, advance is technology is the motion picture camera and of course now digital. How else could we have seen Fred Astaire dance on the ceiling in Royal Wedding? I do believe dance is best shown as a live performance but the "dancing" movies BROUGHT us dance we might not have ever seen. It might be how many decided they wanted to be dancers. It showed us the possibilities.

Even in a live show lives technology. The light options Dr K can choose from for Recital or way more advanced now than when she first produced Showcase 1990. Dr K records CDPA Scottish Highland students dancing so they can clearly see what corrections need to be made. But we can go even more basic than that, for one thing we can turn on the lights to better see ourselves dance and what about mirrors, we didn’t always have them. And through technology we know a raised spring floor is the best to dance on for the longevity of our knees and what about the day “Marley” dance floors were introduced. For me, the fact that So Danca developed a ballet shoe with no draw strings is change for the “way” better. You have no idea just how amazing that is and how much it is appreciated by dance teachers everywhere.

So, I am excited and you should be too, to see just where Dr K takes this

Technology Theme into Showcase 2017. #techno

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