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The Role of Mary

Cami Amein tells us what it means to dance the role of Mary in CDPA’s In His Name…We Dance:

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Congratulations! You have made it through another blistering summer; the weather is now starting to reward those of you who suffered some long and painful months. Now, in the midst of a beautiful fall I begin to reflect on my time at CDPA and the dwindling time I have left. I look back, remembering the In His Name performances I have been a part of. Every Mary, unique and beautiful because of it, seems to be unreachable. Each a perfect model in their own commitment to CDPA and their love of dance. As Christmas time draws near, I have to admit, anxiety plagues me when it comes to the role of Mary and having such big shoes to fill. I fear I might not be able to live up to the high standards that have been set before me. In my contemplation, I realize that my own troubles are a microcosm of Mary's own path of fear and doubt. The feeling that I might not be good enough is one we share and part of what defines us. I have realized that Mary, especially in the context of In His Name is so beautifully human. Surrounded by angels, Mary is alone, for she is tied down by her humanity. I see myself as the only one in the show who gets to draw from my emotions as an imperfect human, angels don't feel fear or self-doubt but I do. It is as flawed creatures that connects Mary and I, in fact that's what connects all of us. Everyone falters, it’s part of growing and overcoming obstacles, without it life would lose part of its meaning. I am plagued by the struggle of trying to be perfect but in the end it is not my role to be perfect; it is my role to be human. I am honored to be able to play the role of Mary in the 2016 In His Name...We Dance! and I hope you too can share and celebrate how we can be emotional and make mistakes and it is in that, that we are beautiful as humans

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