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Central Florida Scottish Highland Games...

On January 14 the weather in Winter Springs, Florida was beautiful, not too hot and not too cold. It was once again time for the Central Florida Scottish Highland Games, an event that is BETTER than well attended. You would want to arrive early to not miss a single minute of all the fun and to get good parking but really the shuttle will pick you up no matter where you ended up parking. For CDPA Scottish Highland Dancers it usually means we have “new to the competition world” Highland Dancers ready for their first competition.

CDPA Highland Dancers could definitely be defined as a family, a group of people looking out for and supporting each other. I’m sure the newbies felt nervous as they went up on the stage for the first time ever to dance the Highland Fling for the Judge. What a relief to get the first dance done as their nervousness melts away. Some will win medals and some will not, some will win overall trophies and some will not. You just have to know you did your best and regardless of the outcome make plans to work even harder in class and to attend the Workshop hosted by CDPA the following Monday with the Judges.

This year was the 40th Anniversary of the CFSHG and the first year the Highland Dance Competition was a Championship and a Premiership. Believe me, it’s a big deal for Florida and would not have happened without the hard work of Dr. K and Mrs. Lisa. They received many compliments on how smoothly the competition was organized and executed; that is extremely meaningful as many teachers and judges have an eye for detail when it comes to Scottish Highland Competitions. The turn-out of dancers was outstanding with dancers from Canada, the Carolina’s, Georgia and of course Florida. Added to the list would be the World Champion, WOW! Enjoy the pictures and see all the smiles AND plan on attending next year.

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