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What is daCi?

Hannah Says…

daCi or Dance and The Child International is a multigenerational dance association that believes everyone no matter race, gender, age, or culture should have an equal opportunity to dance. daCi hosts a conference in the United States every three years, and also one Internationally every three years.

I first attended daCi in Seattle in 2014, and it was a great experience. They pair you in groups with different people of all ages and you work together to create a piece for the showcase. That was an experience unlike any other because in your group could be a 9 year old dancing alongside a 75 year-old professor at Julliard. At daCi you also get to take classes with your own age group to help improve your technique, and dance with people your age from all around the country/world.

The majority of studios that attend the daCi conference have a similar teaching philosophy to Ms. Kathryn, and most of them if not all are non-competition studios. This year daCi will be held in Salt Lake City, and CDPA will be doing collaboration with Tanner Dance at the University of Utah.

So look out for Ensemble fundraisers to help us get there J

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