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Reflective words from CDPA Graduating Seniors...

Gabriella Orlando

Being a senior has been both an exciting and stressful time. I cannot believe this is my last year at CDPA! I am thankful to have been a part of the CDPA family for so many years. Dancing has been a way for me to build confidence and relieve stress. I can always walk away from class with a smile and some hilarious memories. I am thankful for the girls and my teachers for making me feel welcome. I would also like to thank my teachers for their knowledge and creativity that they have shared with me throughout the years.

I am excited to have finally lined up my plans for after high school! I will be attending the University of Tampa in the fall and running cross country and track there. I plan to declare a major after my second year once I get exposed to more subjects and discover my passion. With my senior year coming to a close, I am going to miss my friends and family. But I am happy to know that I have an amazing support system cheering me on for the next steps in my future!

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