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Reflective words from CDPA Graduating Seniors...

Cami Amein

As I write this senior reflection, I am sitting in the wings (a place I am very comfortable in thanks to my time at CDPA) as I wait impatiently for my school's annual film festival. You definitely have an advantage over me by the time you read this the show will be over, in fact by the time you read this I will have decided where I am going to college, something I had hoped to know by now.

So as I sit here in the dark, not know where my life is going or if I am going to survive running this stressful show, all I can do is reflect on what has shaped my life up to this point. I am a culmination of all the choices I have made so far, and dance is by far the best choice I have made.

I really can't imagine myself without dance. To begin with, I would have no clue what to do with my time. I would be a completely different person just based on the makeup of my average day. I also wouldn't be as comfortable in the wings of a stage (to the point that I am writing an article in this comforting blackness). But more to the point, I wouldn't be as hard of a worker, an artist, a problem solver; I wouldn't have endurance nor flexibility (physically and mentally); I wouldn't be a leader, or a friend, or a sister to 18 other girls. I wouldn't chass猫 down the aisles at the grocery store or tap dance under my desk at school. I wouldn't look at the sky each morning and see it as a painting or feel each breath expand my diaphragm. Because of dance, I am passionate about the world around me, something I owe to Dr. Kathryn Austin and to all the teachers at CDPA who push me and truly created who I am. Dance is part of my path up to this point, and as I sit in this uncertainty, the only thing I know to be true is that dance is part of my future.

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