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Dear CDPA Families and students:

It has been brought to my attention that some of you, perhaps many, do not receive emails generated from JackRabbit and this may be because you do not have in your contacts. I was not aware that you have not been recieving communications as we have been using the email portion of jackrabbit since last July. Even this list is only to Scottish and Ensemble as I do not "normally" transfer over people's personal emails to my email unless it is for a particular reason outside of regular class business. So I am sending this to you now - Pardon me if it is a repeat. PLEASE PLEASE check with your dance friends and classmates to make sure they are receiving communication. PLEASE join the COVID-19 Care and Connect group I set up at the beginning of the week. PLEASE check our instagram and watch for changes to the website - as you are able. Mostly let's make sure we are all in touch!!

I am attaching the PDF of the email HERE. Please open and read for important information!!

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