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CDPA "Showcase" Countdown...

Weeeeee'rrrrrrreee Baaaaack!

As we find ourselves midway through what could be called our "rehearsal week," I want to extend my thanks and gratitude for your ability to shift, adapt, and adopt new ways of learning, growing and moving! Not suprisingly, CDPA is at the "top the heap" when it comes to creative problem solving and stick-to-it-tiveness! Anytime I refer to WE, I truly mean our entire staff, student and parent base. I could not have made it to this spot alone.


Historically CDPA has done 6 shows over 3 days in the same venue which would be preceeded by a formal awards night on the Tuesday prior to show weekend. things are different this year! I guess that's just creating new ways to "look at things" in our Vision 20/20 year

Please follow your email for details but to remind you these are our culminating performative outcomes:

SHOW A: Level I and II with some additional performances including our senior speeches and our Ensemble senior solo. Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at the The Crossings on Hwy 50. Seating limited to family groups. Masks strongly encouraged (aka required if no extenuating circumstances prevent the wearing of a face covering) for all audience members. Dancers will use masks except for performance. There will be two intermissions and The Breakroom will be open for coffee and other beverages. Adapted physical distancing placement of seats will be provided by the onsite host, families are asked to cluster in direct family or social groupings and monitor/police themselves. Please be mindful of others and their level of comfort which may or may not align with yours. We will not have an ON SITE rehearsal for this show. We WILL need to rehearse the ORDER of the show on Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at CDPA. Stay tuned for details.

SHOW B: Foundations Level with Scottish Highland New Beginner. Sunday, June 21, 2020 at the CDPA Studios. This is a Red Carpet Event open to family groups only. Masks strongly encouraged (aka required if no extenuating circumstances prevent the wearing of a face covering) for all audience members. Dancers will need an escort (Dad, father figure or other) who will stay with them until they take their place to perform) Each class grouping will comprise approximately 30 - 40 minutes. Seating is limited to family clusters of 4 unless otherwise specified. Contact me directly to extend your family cluster seating if needed.

SHOW C: Level III and up. Saturday, June 20, 2020. The is a professional recording day of the Show C performance at the Garden Theatre. There is no audience access. All participants will be required to wear masks except when dancing. We will have FB Live pop ups during the day so STAY TUNED!

If I was a kid and someone said, Dr K is teaching the summer camps this year...okay, okay...I can't help it, SUMMER CAMP at CDPA is my favorite time of year! For many years I have been teaching in other places and not available except for one or two camps. THIS YEAR (Thanks 'Rona!) I am at home and that means, the "Coolest Kid in Town" is back in "Da House" for Summer Fun. Just ask any student or alumni, some of the best things in life are learned at CDPA Summer Camp. Well, first and foremost...Found Object Castle Building which is almost an Olympic Sport now!! Lads and Lassies camp starts June 22 and Princess camp the following Monday. Then July is daily doses of dazzling with Virtual and Onsite options. We will be ZOOMing around the country to learn VIRTUALLY everything we can while remaining safer-at-the-studio. Sign up Today!

Make sure you practice your hair and make up (and your dancer's hair and make up too! LOL) Our schedule is jam-packed preparing the week ahead so I will not get to host a hair and make up night so I leave you to your own devices. me...make a special night! Wear dressing robes, have tea, laugh, do each other's make up, wash your faces and do it again, take pictures, laugh some hindsight, you will be glad you did!

THIS is when memories are made!

Thank you for being the best part of ours!


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