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Corona? I don't even drink!

Just one week ago, our CDPA Performing Ensemble was laughing and sweating trying to put all the dances for Showcase 2020 in the proper line up! It's always so fun that first time you put the dances back to back! The energy is in the air with spring events, senior celebrations, and of course, recital preparationgs; and all comes to a halt or weirdly, slows down only to cut a sharp corner and speed off into a totally different direction. Yeah...that's a little bit of how it feels.

For the last several days, I have been meeting with students, parents, teachers, colleagues and advisors in order to reach the best possible decisions for CDPA families and the health of the business. It has been exhausting, but despite the pressure felt from watching so many studios jump immediately into promises of online classes and a full array of "Corona services," I held my ground that due diligence and duty of care was my obligation to my self, my staff, my dance families and my students.

Thank you to all that jumped on ZOOM tonight to hear my update on where we are and what we are planning. Tomorrow, a few of our teachers will be meeting to work through some details of hybrid platforming of content and delivery for CDPA classes and recital preparation. It is our goal to develop and alternate plan for consistency of service, follow best and safe practices under these new platforms for instructional delivery and manage event cancellations by setting new goals and designing creative pathways to meet desired outcomes! I am thankful for the awesome parents, resilient students and creative heroes (staff) we have at CDPA. Stay tuned for more information!


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