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Still Looking for that Hour we lost!

As I begin this the clock on my computer says 1:54am. It is Sunday and I realize I am "showing off" saying that because if you are like me, "Corona gotchu needin' a preK days of the week calendar!" I guess Spring Break 2020 is over and I must have needed my VISION checked because this week has been a bit like having cataracts removed. It was all a blur from March 13th until yesterday when I finally felt my feet were steady and I could initiate forward momentum. Hats off to the staff and parents who have been on the TEAM of getting communication platforms in place and letting me borrow their kids to practice online content delivery. I'll be honest...I am fearful of this time because I am worried about the household dynamics as online school platforms become part of the sights and sounds of our families' home interior. Add dance to that and we have the potential to add stress rather than ease it. We still have so many unanswered questions, but I pray that you are in this for the long haul and trusting that we will do our very best to serve your needs. This is what keeps me up at night (that and the opossum that comes to eat the cat food in the middle of the night--he is a loud chewer!). We are currently building content and devising a schedule for CDPA. This coming week with be a PLAY week as we try options and ask for feedback. We hope that by the week of March 30th, we will have a tuition program, schedule of classes and recital rehearsal plan. We know that families may be struggling during this time...believe me, I am right there at the front of the line; and I will do all that is possible to move us forward with our eye on learning more than we thought we could and still preparing for our performances. Please be sure to join our Facebook group, CDPA Covid-19 Care and Connect to receive updates and support materials! And visit here often for updates and news on our progress! Best, Dr K


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