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The Show Must Go On...

Well, no, that does not mean that I have definitive information on our year-end performance. Those variables are still doing battle in their very own algebraic word problem! Hold tight because I am diligently exploring options that take a wide swath at VIRTUALLY every possible option for a culminating performance experience!

What I mean is that I have spent the last two weeks set about to determine what things were "supposed to happen in May" and seeing just how close I can come to replicate the overarching concept even in this irregular circumstances! With that we are having a "Savannah Anyway, ANY WAY" this Saturday for our Scottish Highland Dancers. Make sure you watch for email details if you are a current student in a Highland class at CDPA.

We will be hosting a CDPA SPIRIT WEEK (thanks for the idea Miss Anna!) that will be bookended by our celebration of International Dance Day 2020 on April 29, 2020 and NDEO's THANK-A-DANCE-TEACHER DAY 2020! You will get an email with details on how to participate in your email! Watch for templates for your Instagram to pop up on our CDPA Facebook Page and our CDPA COVID-19 Care and Connect page as well as on Instagram posts by our faculty and CDPA Performing Ensemble!

Speaking of's that time of year too! CDPA students ages 9 and up are invited to audition for the CDPA Performing Ensemble on Wednesday, May 13th at 5pm. You will receive an email if you are in Level I/II and up classes. If your child is interested and does NOT receive the information please email me directly!

You may have guessed that our CDPA Picture Day (formerly scheduled for May 15/16) has had to be postponed. That's O.K. Deep breaths. Weissman is not shipping our final costume order until June 4th and Curtain Call, at this time, is not commiting to their shipping dates because of legalities of going into their factory and offices (York, PA). Have faith...we likely could not gather by June 4 - 6th anyway. It is safe to say that classes will continue through June as scheduled. At that time, we will shift to a Summer Schedule and, if we have not held a performance, we will be holding rehearsals separately from classes (of course at no cost).

We will be honoring our CDPA Performing Ensemble Senior, Miss Anna with our Annual Tea in a Virtual Gathering on May 17th as scheduled and I am in the process of designing a layout for our annual awards night! That means students need to be on their best behavior each class! The teachers and I are watching <3

The President, nor the Governor have any idea what the specificities of our dance family connections are and we will, like most things fall into some loophole somewhere. While I want nothing more than to throw my doors open and welcome everyone in...that will NOT be happening anytime soon. Going forward, please note that we will be Erring on the Side of Caution long before we risk Errors due to Lack of Caution. There is not a chance that after 30 years of service to this community that I will knowingly put my beloved family, clients, faculty and students at risk. With that, I hope that you see, as we do, the weekly improvements in our ability to work effectively with our students and we thank you for opening your home this unique setting. I ask that you continue to be patient, especially with our younger students as this is a most difficult transition for them. To honor our commitment to you as a paying client, remember that we have additional classes and resources provided for learning and entertainment.

And speaking of which...Pop.Up.Princess.Party. Friday, May 1st at 5pm. BE THERE! My new TIARA is smashingly brilliant! Dress up and bring your sceptre! Dress the dog up. Heck, dress gramma up too! Watch for a ZOOM invite (because I want to see everyone's fanciness!)

On to a great week!

Dr. K


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