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Wishing you Peace inside your Egg!

As we wake to Easter in a very different way this year, I am reminded that it is the sense of renewal and the hope for restoration that bring us peace at this time each year. No matter what and how we celebrate, we can all feel the spring! We can see the growth of vegetable gardens, new flowers and the arrival of new bird families in our trees and brushes. If anything this cannot help but inspire us to find the vast array of silver linings that are sprinkled throughout this difficult time.

Thank you to each of our bold and brave families who have embraced, as well as can be expected, this new way of attending dance when it is ENOUGH just to figure our new daily fully shared households. Thank you to our teachers who are overcoming their own challenges with this style of instruction to be able to still meet with our students and restructure their learning goals for this time of confinement. Thank you to our students who are finding news ways to use self-discipline, goal-setting and instrinsic motivation to demonstrate to themselves and their families, their resilience and dedication to forward momentum. There is much to be learned now and as we go forward.

One thing I am encouraging our Ensemble Students and Scottish Students to do is to set personal training charts or goals that remind them to apply daily practice or exercise to their confined space regimen. This scheduled activity is important for adults too! Please join me on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 9pm for G'Nite Stretch on FB LIVE as well as Ms Megan for YOGA on Wednesday nights at 8pm. For our athletes and dancers, grab an exercise ball and join Mrs Eva on Wednesdays at 4pm for PBT!!

Please keep lines of communication open with me directly at!


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